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Picture Courtesy of: Leather Soul

This is shoe porn at it’s finest. To be able to see so many different people’s idea of what to go for when going bespoke is simply brilliant. I wish that I was a friend of every bespoke shoemaker in the world so that they would all send me pictures of each completed shoe that they create for all of their clients. Imagine the range of diversity that it would be? Unthinkable really, but amazing to say the least….that being, if you are a bespoke shoemaker and are reading this, please view this as an invitation to send me completed work, as I would love to see it all…… Back to subject with this picture at hand, to me it projects a miniscule impression of what that idea would represent and how cool it is to be able to see all of these different pieces of art, created by none other than bespoke shoemaking firm George Cleverley. The only problem now is deciding which one is my favorite??? Thinking about it now, I still hold that carpincho braided tassel loafer (above the bottom right spectator) in such high regards, as it’s something that you RARELY see and looks lovely too…. Which one is your favorite? (hopefully not black split toe at bottom left…. ;-)

Enjoy this lovely yet dreadful heat!!

-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

5 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – George Cleverley Bespoke”

  1. Got to be those red crocodile skin (or whatever it is) shoes in centre.
    No idea what I could ever wear them with but they are the business.

  2. Fabulous stuff. I rather like the black split toe, actually, but it is rather typically American and none too imaginative. I’m sure a special order from Allen Edmonds for something very similar at about $460 would have looked the same at first glance! So I understand your dismissive attitude to it!

    The ones that first caught my eye were the blue/white spectator wing tips. This is mainly because, in lazy moments of bespoke daydreaming, I had imagined something very similar. However, I would have pictured a darker navy, and I’m not sure the natural coloured welt/sole works.

    Your loafers are striking, but not quite me, and I do like the boots top right. The whole cut tan slip-ons look rather good too (bottom, centre left), although the shape isn’t my taste exactly. So my verdict: I’m with Laurence, and I’ll take some red crocodile oxfords please! But make mine a whole cut…and perhaps one in blue, one in grey, one in white…

  3. Laurence – Can’t deny that, they are lovely….

    Alex B – Sometimes, I can’t decide if you are conservative or not…first inclination towards the split toe, but then you want the croc in white? Hmmmmm….let’s bring that fun side out of you more…I am sure that you have plenty of black shoes…. 🙂


  4. Justin, I was just defending the split-toe – my eye fell first to the blue and white spectator!

    I have three pairs of black dress shoes that I wear regularly for work – a Loake cap toe oxford I’ve had for years, a Cheaney (for Herring) long wing brogue derby, and a Church’s CG monk. That is enough black for now. But with those more conservative shoes, the laces on the first two are lilac and raspberry respectively, which makes all the difference!

    Anyway, although I can’t afford young Mr Glasgow’s fine work, I am on the brink of ordering another made to measure shoe that involves something really quite unusual and just a touch of purple – I will let you know!

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