Spectators by Aubercy

Spectators by Aubercy


You dont often see people wearing the classic spectator combo these days despite the progression of bold colors in footwear. And it makes me wonder why. Something that was traditionally worn by many of the style icons of the early to mid 20th century it is something that seems to have lost its popularity in modern day times. I guess there are too many people now wear blue or green shoes mixed with flannels and tweeds. Wonder who brought that about? 😉

But there are few things more elegant and stylish than a well dressed gent who adorns his outfit with a pair of smart spectators. And to pay tribute to the old world style, Aubercy has released a collection of two-toned models that are certainly more than spectacular, particularly their lovely button boot model. The question is who in moderm times is bold enough to pull these off? I would certainly give it a shot. Would you?


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