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Today's Favorites - Braided Shoes By Sutor Mantellassi

When it comes to braided shoes, I have always been really hit or miss with them, which is how I perceive most people to also be. It seems that I either really like them or really hate them. So, as you can imagine, these one’s here by Sutor Mantellassi are one of the few that I actually appreciate. The fact that the braid is relatively small and that they are a plain toe allows me to appreciate the actual braid without being distracted by anything else. I am not sure if that made sense, but I feel like most shoes with braided upper’s are so distracting but this one seems to be more discreet, in a way. Since, I have been in England, however, I have yet to see one gentleman wearing a braided shoe. Maybe they are not so liked here, as they are in the States? You would think that they would be though as there are rules to what a English gentleman should and should not wear. And being that I can’t imagine the flip-flop being a big hit with the old conservatives, I would think that a nice casual dress shoe such as this would be the perfect answer to summer wear. Maybe I am wrong?

On another note, I have collected the rest of my shoes that were left behind in Italy (mostly trainers) and am going to be getting the rest of my shoes that were left behind in the States (mostly dress shoes and Sperry’s) so in one month’s time, I will have ALL of my shoes in one place!! This will allow me to get back onto to taking more pictures of my stuff for all of you to see and judge me on!! And one of those shoes, just so happens to be a nice pair of Allen Edmonds, which are braided. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

Today's Favorites - Braided Shoes By Sutor Mantellassi

Today's Favorites - Braided Shoes By Sutor Mantellassi

9 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – Braided Shoes By Sutor Mantellassi”

  1. Sorry, but it’s a big no from me. I think they look too much like wicker work. Perhaps a darker colour and a matte finish. But even then…
    I have seen woven leather combined with box calf that works. I think it’s a case of less is more

  2. I have been reading for a while but this is my first post. I know you have probably answered this already, but how many total pairs of shoes do you actually have? Thank you.

  3. James – I would be interested to see if you and Deborah could come up with a nice woven model mixed with box calf?? My model is actually a mixed one like that. You will see it soon when my shoes come from the States.

    Tr3 – Thanks for reading. To be honest, I could not give an exact count right now but will be able to do so in June, as the rest of my shoes will be with me then. I can say that I do have over 100.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  4. Hi Justin,

    I really have fallen in love with these Braided Sutor Mantellassi shoes. Do you maybe know where i can get them?

    best regards,


  5. This “JimmyShoe” and this “kaka” …how foolish.

    “Production friendly” ?!

    “wicker work” ?!

    While everyone is entitled to their opinion, these are comments of the dilettante and ignorant.

    Although an artist’s style may not appeal to you personally, or piece of music etc..any genuinely experienced enthusiast or practitioner does not make such comments as they see the quality, the work, the strength..

    These are absolutely beautiful, and I am in awe.

    The craftsmanship and skill required to produce these should leave all with such respect and admiration.

    They are works of art, and I find weave work such as this incredibly refined as an overall design, not busy.

    One does not observe a thing beneath microscope, but at a normal viewing distance..

    ..with these, they are such a treat as the closer one gets the more in awe one becomes.

    I have a pair of beige polished leather, capped toe dress shoes Italian artisan made, and these make mine look like amateur night!

    Thanks for posting. I enjoyed them.

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