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Picture Courtesy Of: The Style Buff

Apparently prestigious Italian shoemaker Sutor Mantellassi has recently opened a new boutique in Milan. As you can see, they did not spare any reservations in making the place look nothing less than extravagant. Lasts appear to be everywhere, from the wall to the creation of the entire chandelier, something of which I find to be quite appealing really. And while it may pose as overkill to some, I feel that the idea alone well represents Italian flair and beautiful shoes. And Sutor Mantellassi definitely makes beautiful shoes, to say the least. I have always felt that they were very underrepresented in the shoe world, not really being able to find them in many places, and the ones that you do find them in, seem to always stock just their conservative stuff. However, I can’t tell you how many times I walked by their shop in Florence (when I lived there) to never be less than awestruck, as well as feel amazingly inspired to produce like products. Some of their models blew my mind, but unfortunately it was only there that I was able to experience this. Even online, I never seem to find pictures of their shoes that amaze and influence me….nonetheless, with a new shop opening, I hope that their cool stuff continues to live on and grace the feet of well-dressed gentlemen…

Picture Courtesy of: Love Italian Fashion

5 thoughts on “Sutor Mantellassi Boutique: Milan”

  1. I can’t say I’m blown away by the examples you’ve shown – let’s see more. But the chandelier of lasts is wonderful!

  2. @AlexB: Excuse me, but you know obviously very little about fine shoes. Do a search on how handmade shoes are created, especially the Norwegese construction, Sutor Mantellassi’s specialty.


  3. Hi! I was browsing through the shoes on, and they have a bunch of Sutor Mantellassi shoes. They are are deeply discounted. Are they still high quality shoes?

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      Hey Moses, I am not a huge fan of Blake Stitched shoes but I have always like Sutor Mantellasi. For me, they make some beautiful and well made shoes. At least they used to. Havent seen a pair in quite a while though to be honest

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