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Most of you know that I am big advocate of the wholecut oxford (and any wholecut for that matter), as it’s look of cleanliness and lack of fluff allows it to be among the most elegant and versatile of shoes. This model here, by Gaziano & Girling, just happens to be one of my all-time favorites, not only of Gaziano & Girling, but of all shoes, ever! In fact, when my line finally comes out, you will see a model of mine that was very much influenced by this shoe here and others alike. I find that while I do very much like a plain wholecut oxford, the little bit of brogueing that is used here gives it that much more character without taking away from the fact that it is still simply a wholecut shoe. And the color is probably the most rich merlot that I have ever seen, period. It’s the perfect shade of a reddish/purple combination. And for me, this model could be worn with nearly everything, particularly a nice plain navy or gray suit. I just wished that more people agreed with me on this, as I would love to more burgundy/oxblood/merlot shoes gracing the feet of well-dressed gentleman….one day I guess….

14 thoughts on “Today’s Favorites – The Best Wholecut, Ever!”

  1. paul van der hart

    Although I wholeheartedly disagree with you on the point of wholecuts (I do not like them, and very much so), I have to agree with you here, that these are indeed the most beautiful wholecuts I have ever seen. This would be a pair I would like to have. Like you said, the broguing makes it just that little bit more than just an ordinary wholecut. And, like you said, the colour is particularly beautiful.

    Well chosen, nice pic.

  2. I think wholecuts are lovely, and actually more classy with a little half medallion or a subtle brogue like this. They’re on my list…

    As for burgundy, yes. I have one pair that I bought years ago, and as they gradually get a patina variation on the toe, they have become some of the loveliest-looking shoes, despite being the most basic of all my dress shoes.

    Tip: I think they look lovely with light grey laces.

  3. Hi Justin,

    You are right, they are fantastic. Can they be readily purchased and what is the model name.

    By the way,I received the Mink Oil.No one should be without this product. My shoes jsut love it.

  4. Justin,

    I’m a new reader; I haven’t had a chance to read through your blog a lot, but the little I’ve read so far is great! I, too, think whole-cut oxfords are the best looking, classiest dress shoe. I’ve been having some trouble searching for an affordable, plain-toe whole-cut black Oxford (with emphasis on affordable- $2-300?). I’m hoping you can reccommend some, please.

  5. Paul van der Hart – I can’t take credit for the pic, but yes, they are extremely lovely…glad to have found something in the wholecut arena that you appreciate…

    Alex B – yes, burgundy definitely ages more beautifully than any other color of shoe….that’s for sure!

    Anon – No, unfortunately these are a bespoke pair, not able to be readily purchased….and therefore they do not have a style name….on the other hand, I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the Mink Oil Renovator!

    ChunkE – Glad to hear that you have discovered the blog and have been enjoying it thus far. As far as your query goes, I have to say that most makers in that region of price don’t make wholecuts. The one that I am linking is the only one that i know of that is even close:—last-199-in-black-box-p5750-en.html


  6. I find it funny reading this article as I was just contemplating buying my first whole cut. I narrowly missed out on a beautiful Trickers whole cut on ebay 2 years ago and I forever have the image of those beauties etched in my memory. It has taken two years to find a new whole cut. FUnny it is made by Sanders for Mark McNairy. Plain Suede. I love your blog. Keep up with the good work and best of luck with your shoe line.

  7. Justin, if your shoes look anything like the G&G above, I’ll buy two pairs. Can’t wait to see the collection. Best of luck with the launch.


  8. Justin, just had a look and as I suspected my dear man, they look fab! Hope this new venture is a raging success for you; fully deserved!


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