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A lot of brands launched customizing MTO tools on their website in 2021, from 3D customizers to more simplified versions and if you have been paying attention to those brands, a lot of their initial orders are being brought to light via social media. It may sound crazy, and I have said this before, but I really love to see people’s ideas come to life, from any brand. For me, that is the most exciting thing about shoemaking, whether it is getting samples made or seeing the realization of an MTO order. In reality, there is no difference to the owner as it will mostly be something unique either way. The feeling of novelty when seeing a unique combination or pattern change created is what it is all about. It is an exciting feeling when you open that box up and see how ones’ vision comes to life. And here we see many of TLB Mallorca’s customers’ custom pieces realized.

Unless TLB does not like to share the more daring MTO makeups, then it is evident to see that the clientele that TLB holds are quite classic in their shoe choices, save one or two that I know of that like it a bit more daring.  And I love to see the daring stuff as I really think that it shows what a shoemaker is capable of. Most brands can make the common colors in the common models, but it gives a lot of inspiration for others when they show how they make the bolder two tones or even when they incorporate new patterns that are not actually shown on the site, as you can see here in the diamond cap oxford in museum calf as well as that black oxford with the brogueing running from the heel counter to the vamp, clearly both being pairs inspired by/replicated of Gaziano & Girling models. When you see this, you understand what a maker is capable of and clearly, these clients knew that when they asked for custom makes outside the scope.

But the real feature here is the price of TLB’s custom makes. As far as I can tell the price difference in an Artista oxford is only €70 (and that is with VAT, less the VAT if you are outside the EU). And the only change I could see that makes this more expensive is adding a JR sole or hardware pieces like toe taps. You can even get your name inscribed on the lining at no extra charge. This pricing is impressive, to say the least. And while this is simply an observation from the world as of late, I bet this won’t last until 2023. It is simply too good to be true. But for now, it is true and a great deal to get customized pairs for. So, while this is by no means pressure, I do suggest getting a pair in before anything might change, at least if you have been contemplating it.

Have a gander at what some of their clients have done thus far.

Many photos courtesy of the TLB Enthusiast page on Facebook

Get started on your customized pair here:

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