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The cordovan industry is growing and it just made a big leap and bound with its introduction into the shoe collection TLB Mallorca. A powerhouse brand that has taken the industry by storm, TLB is now entering a highly sought-after sector of the footwear industry by the die-hard shoe fans out there looking for the leather of cult-like popularity that is often held with the esteem of being the most durable leather out there. And while I have only ever owned one pair of cordovan leather shoes and have never really shared that cult-like fascination for the horse hide, I can say that when it comes to colors, cordovan produces some of the most beautiful pigments in leather dyeing. Just look at the navy cordovan shoe in this post. Truly sublime and super-rich in texture and depth.

There are really few brands out there that actually dabble in the cordovan sector of the industry, mainly because prior to 5-10 years ago, there were not many tanneries producing the stuff. But, as with all things, something gets popular and new businesses start popping up. And so has been the recent trajectory of the cordovan side of the industry with tanneries out of Italy, Japan, England and I believe Argentina as well. Of course, with the price of Cordovan and the specialty of producing it well, not all tanneries have been able to replicate its quality to match that of the American Giant Horween, who is hands-down the most famous producer of the leather. But I feel their days are numbered of holding those reigns as they can only produce so much and only supply to so many and keep it quite mafia-tight like with the ability to get it. So that has left room for others to shine and it would appear that the Rocado tannery (of Italy) is growing with more and more clients on board, big ones too. So, it is an exciting time for cordovan lovers as the options continue growing.

TLB has not only come out with the offering of cordovan but also the introduction of new models and some very cool ones at that. But most notable with this launch is that there is no surcharge for the MTO Process of the Cordovan collection. The prices are just for the shoes themselves, and not for a custom fee on top. That means you can order freely MTO Cordovan pieces at RTW prices. That is unheard of and I am sure will make them very competitive. I am sure that this will have many cordovan lovers scrambling to get their orders in on this ‘too-good-to-be-true’ offering. Let’s see how long it lasts though? Nonetheless, it is always exciting to see the industry expanding. Too often in this day of Yeezy shoes and Lulu Lemon attire does it get demoralizing when you walk outside and see everyone in sweatpants and no one caring to dress up properly. So, when big things like this happen and you see the industry growing it puts a smile on one’s face to remember that some people still care about looking proper.

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