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As TLB Mallorca’s consumer popularity grows day by day in the shoe industry so does the expansion of their collection. Today, they launch their newest last in the Artista collection, titled ‘Van Gogh.’ A close relative of the Picasso last, the new Van Gogh last maintains that sharp look, but with more subtle lines, softening the edges and adding a nice almond-shaped hump on the toe to create a look with more depth and character. Your ‘Next-Level’ chisel last.

And of course with a new last, comes new ideas, new colorways, and ultimately new models. I wonder if anyone can tell which one will be my favorite of the bunch? They are all beautiful so it is tough to say which is ‘coolest,’ but being someone who always loves unique things, my heart goes towards the U-Cap Balmoral. That is a very cool model that perfectly blends two ideas to create one uniquely elegant model. I can only hope that others will agree and make a purchase so we can start seeing more U-Cap’s in the streets.

Naturally, the cap-toe adelaide will be the consumer favorite. I would bet my own personal shoe collection on that, being that adelaides are the latest ‘it’ model for the industry. I can only imagine seeing them flooding the shoe forums in the next few months. The question will be, ‘which color’? I love the museum version, but think consumers tend to stray more classic overall so see the Vegano Dark Brown being the big-ticket with TLB customers. Let’s see if my predictions come true 😉

For those not so familiar with the Artista collection by TLB, please see some factual points, below, described directly by TLB.

The Facts:


• Extremely slim beveled waists, which accentuates the shape of the shoe. Made with stitching all the way back to the heel, so the waist is not only cemented or Blake stitched as is commonly seen when making narrower waists.

• Bevelling of the waist continues under the heel, which normally only can be found on bespoke shoes. This creates a stronger waist and a more natural look.

• Real leather heel stiffeners (not leather board), which conform to the feet in the best way and present a living material that can be re-shaped if needed.

• Close-cut heels that follow the natural lines of the shoes.

• Very smooth sanded sole and heel edges, also the waist edge is smooth, which is very rare to see. This not only looks lovely, but it also makes it much easier to polish them and keep the edges in good condition.

• Tight sole stitch of 8 spi (stitches per inch), together with a well-balanced fudge wheel setting


Who will be the first to grab a pair and tell us all about the fit?

Find the collection here:

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “TLB Launches New Artista Line Last ‘Van Gogh’”

  1. TLB Artista is such a great shoe and value. Only thing I am slightly worried about potentially is repairability, as I think the close cut heel and narrow waist might complicate a resole or require rewelting earlier than something more standard.

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