The Saddle Derby by Edward Green
Edward Green shoes courtesy of Leffot

My idea of shoe design is to take existing classics and add a small detail on them that separates them from the masses. Most brands don’t do this though, not nowadays. What I feel like is the trend of today is to make a classic models but do it cheaper than the next guy. This trend won’t last though as the market gets saturated with brands coming out capsule collections of cheap shoes, there will become too many and they will find it hard to make a sale. That is why it is important to find your nice in this industry and stick with it. Edward Green does a combination of the two: 1. make classic designs that stand the test of time and 2. every now and then play around with being bold and adding a touch of detail you hadn’t seen before. This saddle derby with brogueing is a perfect example of the latter. And I love it, not only because I love saddle shoes but also love that touch of the brogueing. It is completely unnecessary but adds a special touch to the shoe. Well done for this one, EG!!


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