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Edward Green
I really like grain leather these days. I have really been appreciating it in other brands and have been trying it more and more in my own collection on shoes as opposed to just using it on the common boot. And when I saw this Edward Green Plymouth in this dark brown pin grain, I fell in love with it and realized just how wonderfully a nice grain can suit a specific model. Now most often grain leather is thought to be on the casual side of things, but for me it really depends on the grain. Quite obviously the thicker, more pronounced the grain the more suited it is to casual footwear but I don’t see why a smaller grain (like this pin grain) can’t be used for a proper dress shoe and be seen as acceptedly dressy. The beauty of smaller grains is the fact that you can still high shine them in the cap/heels but allow for the rest of the shoe to have that uniqueness about it with something that is subtlety different. And that’s not to mention all of the other lovely grains that there are outside of the common scotchgrain!

Picture Courtesy of Leffot NYC

4 thoughts on “Grain Leather Should Be Used More”

  1. SpaceFromGreece!

    I really love grain leather. I really think that it looks better than some smooth leathers that just aren’t smooth & shiny/transparent enough even on good shoes firms.

  2. I quite agree. I love full grain for a more casual shoe, and the combination of grain and smooth calf for something dressier, like this Vass pair.

  3. I too agree. I’ve got a pair of brown oxfords, plain toe cap, “slightly” brogue, if you follow me…, and small grain.. which are beautiful and perfectly suit… my suits!

  4. Not sure I have seen this on here, so I will ask: how does grain leather like this become so grainy? And how does it differ from full grain leather, which is smooth?

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