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Gaziano & Girling has just launched an interesting, new oxford model that is available from today (although not yet live on the site, but able to be ordered via email). If you look at G&G’s history you will come to find that Tony Gaziano likes to design oxfords where the piece of leather that makes up the facing (where the laces are) sits on top of the vamp which is a unique design feature as it is not something that many brands do. Historically and traditionally you find that the piece of leather with the lace part lays tends to always sit under the vamp. And the models where this feature is inverted, are always quite unique and special in terms of design. As is this new St. Andrews model where Tony has reinvented the saddle oxford design.

It is also interesting to see an English shoemaker come out with a saddle oxford design into their Ready to Wear collection, as the saddle oxford is a traditional American design. See more on that statement HERE. But, I love that Tony did this, not least because the saddle oxford is probably my all-time favorite oxford design for its simple way of breaking up the profile of the shoe to allow for bi-tonal or bi-material options. I love how G&G did a unique design change by starting the saddle as a swan neck design and then extending the swan-neck line to become the saddle strap, really putting two design features into one. It always shoes that design at G&G was well thought out.

I am always curious to see what G&G comes up with and am pleased to see this new model as a part of their current collection. Like I said, I do not see it live on the site yet, but if you want to grab your pair ahead of time, email

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