Happy 4th of July!!

I know that this holiday is not for everyone out there but as I have not celebrated it in 7 years from being outside of the US, I felt it nice to simply give a small shout out to all of my fellow people who are enjoying this celebration no matter if you are American or just visiting. It’s a fun day no matter where you come from to see the fireworks and spend time with friends and loved ones.

Today I find myself visiting one of my closest childhood friends and am staying in the beautiful Santa Monica area of greater Los Angeles. Truth be told, I am not the biggest fan of LA as I feel that I have always resonated more with the East Coast mentality but I have always loved Santa Monica, and of course the beach.

So today will be a celebration of the 4th on the beach which I am quite excited about as I love hear the waves which certainly helps the stress levels. Although yesterday I foolishly burnt my legs (shins) like a dummy as the older I get the more frail I seem to be getting, clearly. So now I really have to splatter on that 50 spf so I don’t repeat yesterday and regret it the rest of my trip!

Happy 4th to all those celebrating!!

Justin, ‘The Shoe Snob’

(pics of shoes for those that only come here for that)

Happy 4th of July!!
Barbanera shoes
Happy 4th of July!!
Bestetti shoes
Happy 4th of July!!
Bontoni shoes
Happy 4th of July!!
Dimitri Bottier bespoke
Happy 4th of July!!
Herring shoes courtesy of Gui Bo of Men Need More Style
Happy 4th of July!!
Mario Bemer

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