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Yoshiharu Hasegawa navy cordovan SF
Pictures courtesy of Style Forum

This is probably the most attractive leather that I have ever seen. That blue color is simply amazing and the leather looks of such fine quality. And that is what you get when you are dealing with a great quality Cordovan. The workmanship that has gone into this boot speaks at you from every angle, and it’s not even to mention the cool idea of this color/leather on this pattern of shoe. With a boot like this, from Yoshiharu Hasegawa, it is no wonder that the Japanese shoemakers/designer never cease to amaze me. And to be honest, I am not crazy about this style of boot. But when I see this, I think that it is pure genius for the idea as a whole. That’s what I love about their shoe creativity. And even more so is the fact that you can buy these on That’s a 600 shoe/boot on Amazon. That’s unheard of. Who thinks to buy shoes on Amazon? Not me, but in Japan they do! And I find that quite cool too!

Yoshiharu Hasegawa navy cordovan SF2 Yoshiharu Hasegawa navy cordovan SF3


4 thoughts on “The Japanese Strike Again! (With great shoemaking and clever ideas)”

  1. I have been meaning to ask this… and I know this isn’t a forum but any feedback would be great. What are some great places online to get quality shoe laces? Formal thin laces in multiple colors. I want to buy at least five pairs. A few black, one red, one blue maybe a purple. Maybe even ribbon style. I go through laces like crazy especially thin ones. I haven’t had luck with sites that focus on shoe care. It seems like shoe laces are being ignored.

    1. Justin have some great laces in his store, at the top of the page here. Great quality and fast shipping, will recommend.

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