Masaru Okuyama Blue Bespoke Oxfords

Masaru Okuyama Blue Bespoke Oxfords
I was at an event a few weeks back and managed to catch site of this immaculate pair of bespoke oxfords by Masaru Okuyama. Unfortunately the place was dimly lit and I only had my mobile phone so I managed to snap a mediocre picture (as you see above) but in no way does this represent the beauty of the shoes at hand. For those that do not know Mr. Okuyama is a Japanese bespoke maker who is based out of Hong Kong and makes some very immaculate shoes. While starting out strictly bespoke I do believe that he also offers a Made to Order range of which I have been told that these beauties are also apart of. That being, if you don’t need bespoke but still fancy getting something as special as this, all you need to do is email Masaru to start your enquiry. And if you are ever in the Hong Kong area, do make sure you pass by his workshop to see the special bits of art that he creates.

Photo below courtesy of Ascot Shoes

Masaru Okuyama Blue Bespoke Oxfords

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