Koji Endo Bottier

I have never seen a boot exactly like this but I certainly do love it (the Anthony Delos one coming closest in terms of construction). I have always been fascinated with things can be made with the intention of something being “heavy” or “sturdy” but be made in such a way that it doesn’t look “heavy” or “bulky.” This boot, for me, by Koji Endo does just that. It’s lines and shape are super sleek but then paired with the Norwegian stitch and eyelets tones it’s “dressiness” down making it something that would look amazing worn smart casually (as indicated below). That is the beauty of bespoke and while many people can’t afford it (I being one of them!), it sure is nice to appreciate what can be done as the limitations of RTW are many in the grand scheme of things. Bespoke done well is pure art in my book. This boot is proof of that!

Koji Endo Bottier

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