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Carmina shoes


It would appear that the ghillie model is gaining traction in the world of the web and the shoe industry. I know that in the grand scheme of things, these are just a few examples that I have shown over the last few weeks, but it is far more than I have ever seen in a period of space as short as this. To me, that means that the ghillie model, as shown here by Carmina, is starting to become requested. Once a model is requested by a few customers of a few different brands, a ripple effect will start to soon occur. The thing is that all brands are looking at what other brands are doing. That is common competition analysis. So, if Corthay did a ghille, Caulaincourt does a ghillie, then Carmina does a ghillie and let’s say that I then do a ghillie (no promises here but am now contemplating), it then wouldn’t surprise me to see the ghillie model come back in full effect, but in this modern look form, not the traditional brogue one.

What I like about Carmina’s ghillie is that it was simply incorporated into an existing adelaide model and due to that, I feel like it really suits the pattern as nothing truly changed except for the way the lacing looks. And it went in perfectly. Fair play to the client that ordered this. Great taste, great execution and a great look!

2 thoughts on “The Ghillies Keep Coming! – Carmina”

  1. Glad to see Ghillies making more frequent appearances across the board. I have but one pair but have long been a fan of the style.

  2. somethingnottaken

    This is one of the nicest Ghillie interpretations I’ve seen, the mix of suede and smooth leather accents works particularly well here.

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