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Carmina is back at it with another long weekend promotion. This time it is for a complimentary belt with each shoe purchase* See the details below:


Complimentary belt with each shoe purchase (outlet shoes excluded). They have a set of pre-determined belts to choose from once you add your shoes to the cart (scroll down to see the selection at the cart page). The belt does not actually have to match the shoes you are purchasing. The belt selection will depend on the shoes you are adding to your cart. For example, if you add alligator shoes you will get alligator belts on offer. You will of course, not see alligator belts when purchasing a calfskin shoe.

Time Frame:

You have until Spanish Time 11:59 pm June 19th to take advantage of this offering. Note, if you are in the US, that is 6-9 hrs ahead so will end earlier than that for you. Don’t miss out by contemplating too much!

Happy Shopping! —


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