News In The Shoe Industry
Many of you asked me to start making photos of my shoes underneath everyday clothing so here you go.

There are always new things going on and I feel like the way in which I write posts I can only get out so much in a week, so will hopefully now try and cover more in one post each week or every other in order to spread the news! So, here goes a list of what is going on.

1. Sussex Shoe Shop, who is an online retailer specializing in factory leftover shoes at a great price, is hosting a 3 day pop-up sale in London. It will be held atJohn Rushton shop, 93 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0EQ this upcoming Mon-Wed (Sept. 14th-16th). Most of what is on sale are sizes in the UK10+ so good for the people with larger feet. Now if you can’t make it to London, you still have access at their online shop in the link. Most of what is sold are C&J Handgrades made for Foster & Son. They are going for 299 and if you are reading this, you get a special 25 discount with the code SHOESNOB. Happy Shopping!

News In The Shoe Industry
Carmina boots for Skoaktiebolaget

2. Sweden is on the up and up in the Leather Tanning side of things, thanks to Skoaktiebolaget and Shoegazing who have both sourced Vegetable Tanned leather from a small tannery in Sweden, calledTärnsjö. It is very rich, tan grain like leather that looks quite luscious indeed. My only fear is how it will uphold as vegetable tanned leather is quite susceptible to stains from water/liquids/moisture etc. Nevertheless, it looks beautiful! On another Swedish note, the 2015 Super Trunk Show is taking place this Saturday where they will feature many brands. Please click the link above that says shoegazing to get more info.

3. Two toned boots are in this season and a classic British shoemaker, Edward Green, is on top of the trend with a lot of bi-colored offerings this season. Leffot took stock of 5 new options that are extremely nice and make me smile at the fact that two tones are becoming more prevalent!

News In The Shoe Industry
Picture courtesy of Leffot

4. Tony Gaziano of Gaziano & Girling makes a nice 3 minute video explaining a bit about their history, which is more of an insight into how they became to be who they are today. You will find it at the bottom of their homepage.

5. William Abraham, who sells some of the finest socks in the world, with great design and hefty prices is currently having a sale! So if you have always admired them but were weary of the price tag, now is your chance to take the plunge into them and see how socks can be separated by quality.

6. Meermin MTO groupsare revolutionizing production and minimizing risk for everyone. Currently only 6 days left on their current run of GMTO’s.

News In The Shoe Industry
J.FitzPatrick Button Boots



I try to not be too heavily biased on my own affairs so am adding my recent news to this post, instead of making separate posts for each. I am actually nearly done with a blog just for J.FitzPatrick Footwear so will soon have most of my news on there and will thus only occasionally announce JF stuff here on The Shoe Snob.

— I am having numerous trunks shows this upcoming season so here are the details:

1. PARIS – October 9th/10th — At Mes Chaussettes Rouges -9 rue César Franck

2. GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN — October 22nd/23rd — At CapeCod-Lilla Bommen 1

3. SINGAPORE — November 26th/27th/28th — At Kevin Seah - 55B/C Boat Quay .

4. MOSCOW — Early December, exact dates and location TBA.

For more details on each trunk show, you can email me at or wait until the new blog for J.FitzPatrick Footwear is live, where each show will have its own dedicated post.

News In The Shoe Industry

For the many of you that were interested in buying our new buttons boots but were weary of fastening them up, I have created a video to help show you how it is done. I hope that you all enjoy and maybe get some peace of mind from seeing this.




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