Old School Balmoral Boots by Fujiwara Shoes Studio

Old School Balmoral Boots by Fujiwara Shoes Studio

What I love about Instagram is that you have all of the pictures accessible with a quick click of your phone. No need to get on your laptop and search them all out. And with that, I have infinite access to the discovery of new makers through other people’s feed. One that I love is @BespokeMakers, who highlight many Japanese artisans in both shoes and clothing. One that they most recently highlighted was Fujiwara Shoes Studio (of whom I had never heard of) which appears to make quite classic and old school bespoke shoes. These balmoral boots reminded me of something out of the olden days which I found quite intriguing. And like always, thought that I would share them with all of you!

1 thought on “Old School Balmoral Boots by Fujiwara Shoes Studio”

  1. Antonio garcía Enrile

    Estimado Justin,

    Yo también lo ví, el trabajo alrededor de las cañetas (ojales) es impresionante, diria que es un bordado de cadena a mano .
    Un saludo

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