The Current State of The Shoe Industry

The Current State of The Shoe Industry

We are living in trying times and how we get out of it will be a testament to our will’s as Human Beings, as survivors. But we can make it through, as long as it is together.

The aftermath of all of this though will most certainly affect many many industries. Of course, I am a part of the shoe industry, this is what I am thinking about most at the moment, not only for my own brand (of course) but also for the brands of my friends (to which there are many) and I can only imagine what some are going through right now.

No doubt this situation will put some people out of business or very near to it. I know first hand that some are struggling already and haven’t seen a shoe sale in days. Many of your favorite shoemakers are small artisans who rely on trade. Without that trade, they have nothing. You can only imagine those in Italy that have ceased working since 2 weeks ago now, stuck in their houses, wondering what will come next. Many of us (i.e. regular people not in the shoe industry) are also in the same boat and it’s daunting, to say the least.

My reason for writing, I guess, to remind that it’s always darkest before the dawn. That we (as a society of the world) will come out of this, hopefully, stronger than ever. But for some to weather the storm, they need assistance. That being, if your favorite shoemaker is a small artisanal one and you have the means to support them, then, by all means, do so as that one sale could help them pay their rent one more month.

I write this message as I care about this industry and the people behind it, the small passionate artisans that help to create the great shoe industry that we have, as well as the larger brands that help to shape it through industry leadership. I would just hate for this to be over and we have lost many shoemakers due to lack of resources and having to take a new direction in order to survive financially. That would be a great loss.

I hope that everyone is keeping well, staying safe and cherishing the things that matter most right now: our loved ones.

Peace be with everyone

-Justin FitzPatrick



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  1. Beautiful post if you know of any shoemakers who are willing to offer discounts or sales at this time please make a post

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