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It is the last weekend to get your orders in at J.FitzPatrick Footwear for their October GMTO run

Most models are just 2 orders away from unlocking the GMTO price and saving up to $150 in MTO fees.

Remember with this GMTO run you can select any last you want for the model.

Lastly, we only require a 50% deposit to get started. Using Sezzle, you can pay as little as $55-$68 today to initiate your pair.

See the site for more details.


For those unfamiliar, GMTO (“Group Made To Order”) styles are “crowdfunded” in the sense that we aim to reach a minimum order quantity to avoid additional production costs usually associated with one-off MTO (“Made To Order”) orders.

GMTOs will remain open until November 1st, after which all styles which have reached the 6-pair order minimum will be put into production. Production is set to be about four months, with delivery expected in March 2022. Due to the custom nature of GMTO products, these orders are not refundable nor exchangeable.

The prices listed are for 50% deposits on the product’s total price. Upon completion of production, the 50% outstanding balance will be due, as well as any relevant shipping fees (click here to check our rates to your destination–domestic US shipping is free for all of these GMTO styles!)

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