The Carmina Boot
PIctures courtesy of Skoaktiebolaget

Its not really boot weather these days but I just cant help myself in showing this Carmina boot as it is one of the coolest that I have seen in a while. Someone who shares the same passion as me for two tones (as well as the same color interests), made what is proving to be one of my favorites boot combinations this year. Done in navy calf and burgundy suede, this combination really presents itself as a eye-catcher. And whether it is just good photography or good lighting or simply great product, I must say that the vibrancy of that burgundy suede is second to none.

Anyway, wanted to share that all with you. I am actually at my factory this entire week and will try and do what I can to keep the blog posts going. Emails will be a bit slow to respond to so please bare that in mind when writing. I hope that everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather and get ready for some fun things coming, not only from me, but from others as well!

 The Carmina Boot  The Carmina Boot  The Carmina Boot


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