Two Toned Boots Are Best!

Two Toned Boots Are Best!
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In an unrealistic world, there are no limits to the amount of laced boots a man could own. As sick as it is, I think that I am going on about 15 pairs (and that does not include chukka’s). For some reason, I just can’t get enough of them and every time that I see one that is unique, I get a bit excited. This new one by Enzo Bonafe (for Skoaktiebolaget), although greatly reminding me of Saint Crispins unique balmoral boot pattern, is quite the stunner, particularly that dark green suede and the contrasting brass eyelets. It’s not even to mention that amazing double sole with immaculate fudge wheeling (the pattern that creates the ridges where the sole stitching is). Overall it is quite the perfect boot, and who knew that deep green would suit the color of a darker tan so well. And like I have said before, the idea of seeing things that have not really been tried before but given a chance and having come out so well is what really fascinates me about the industry. Now, if only more people would try unique things, then we would really be talking!

Two Toned Boots Are Best!

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  1. Litterally to die for ! We can read the mention “GET EBOLA” on the box of the first picture. Very Saint Crispinish, but seems more wide.

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