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While I don’t know the exact history of the Yanko origin, from what I have quickly gathered on the world wide web is that they are yet another spin off of the once great Albaladejo family. For those that may not be in the know the Albaladejo family is one of the oldest and most famous shoemakers coming out of Spain, specifically Palma de Mallorca. Once having their own branded shoes, they apparently broke up to create 3 brands: Carmina, Meermin and Yanko. However, I do know that they are no longer associated with the Yanko name. While I have no personal experience with Yanko brand, I can say that from the pictures they look to be of good quality, selling at retail price that puts them between the likes of their two relatives, Carmina and Meermin. I love the image of the brogue above and quite fancy the color combination of the balmoral boot below and if their shoes are as good as they look, well then I dare say that there is another contender in the ring!

yanko shoes

12 thoughts on “Yanko Shoes – Yet Another Spanish Shoemaker”

  1. Dear Justin,
    YANKO is a brand of luxury shoes from the island of Mallorca, created in 1961 by masters artisans specializing in the manufacture of footwear, which led it to become one of the largest shoemakers companies in Europe during the 80s . So much that by that time, YANKO got to make more than a million pairs of shoes a year.

    Antonio Llobera , a renowned businessman in the footwear sector , supported by a powerful team of partners , acquired the business in 2005 after financial mismanagement of the former owners . Since 2007 , the tandem of Antonio Llobera and master craftsmen originary from the island of Mallorca, have managed to provide a signature of his own and now with international sights. Currently, YANKO , besides being present in a selection of the best selling points , is expanding internationally and is establishing itself as a leading brand in the Asian and European markets , and American.

    Best Regards
    Daniel’s from Poland 🙂

  2. I have a number of pairs of Yanko as they have supplied the house shoes for Carson St. Clothiers in NYC. I picked them up at half off and I was blown away with the quality for the price. I also own both Meermin and multiple pairs of Carminas.

    I found the construction and style to be virtually identical to what Carmina offers. The leather is perhaps just a tad less in quality, but very close if not even. The lasts seem to be slightly roomier than the Carminas I own (which is now preferred after developing a bone spur in my foot) but much more tailored than the Meermins which are overly roomy in almost every style.

    Overall I would like to see more availability of the brand Stateside and have been very pleased with their offerings.

  3. I have a pair of Carmina boots and a pair of Yanko boots. One is box calf, one is apparently high polished calf. But smells and feels like my Horween Cordovan boots (less thick leather though, so maybe really polished calf or perhaps Japanese Cordovan). Man I need to stop buying these boots on random trips through Asia.

    Anyway, both seem well constructed. Not of the quality of my Corthay or G&G shoes.. But nice none the less. The Carminas are a bit older, held up well, but leather quality is of that of a Korean or Japanese brand. The Yankos although leather unknown seems a bit thin, but better overall finish.

    Honestly weird about the Yanko leather, since as I said, it feels like a thin Cordovan, and not like patent leather or high polished calf (of which I have both). Also doesn’t smell like calf.

    The Yankos fit better then the Carmina boots. But it’s dependant on foot type.

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