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One thing I have always liked about Allen Edmonds was their boldness to do a lot of braided-leather shoes. From loafers to oxfords and even derbys, they always had braided options in ‘ol catalog. And even better still, they continue offering them to this day and that is what thing I love about this classic American company. The model above is apparently one of their new options added to one of their older models, the Strand. I actually remember when the Strand was released. I was working at Nordstrom at the time and selling plenty of AE shoes. And at that very time, I actually had the shoes in the pictures below, known as the Hampstead (something they no longer offer). It was one of my favorite shoes and if you see my Rainier IV model in braided leather, you can probably see where some of the inspiration came from.

Great to see AE keeping it up! Let’s see if they ever re-release the Hampstead. For me it was the best shoe they ever made!


2 thoughts on “The Braided Shoe by Allen Edmonds”

  1. Justin FitzPatrick

    a good brush and cream polish really as you can’t polish the same as calfskin. Bristles that can get in between and bring up the shine is the only way.

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