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You have to respect dedication and loyalty. Two traits that are often lacking in today’s society, most often searching for the best deal, no matter the brand. Owning eighty pairs of one model is impressive, to say the least. I believe that my top statistic of one model, being my butterfly loafer, is around 20 pairs. And for most, even that is insane. This is all-out insanity for most. Cool in my eyes. Well played for liking something and sticking to it. The older you get, the more that makes sense. I used to think otherwise. But as each passing year goes by the more I see myself gravitating to the same 20-30 pairs, out of my 200 or so pairs of dress shoes.

His dedication was noticed by Allen Edmonds, rightfully so, and in the process of launching a new exclusive collection dubbed the client, ‘The King of the Strand.’ A very befitting title for such loyalty. And I imagine that every brand wished for loyalty on that level. I can tell you first hand it feels amazing to know that someone likes your product that much to buy +80 pairs. Next level is owning 80 pairs of just one model though!

Well played to the owner of this collection. A true shoe lover.

The Strand is by Allen Edmonds:

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