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I used to hate when my great grandparents would give me white socks each year for my Christmas present. They were millionaires and had a 15 foot tree (no joke) and I loved them, but when it came to giving presents, they were cheap as f**k! And so growing up I hated the idea of getting and buying socks until one day I realized how amazing socks can be.

I stopped wearing white socks the day that I graduated high school. I mean, I wear them for athletics (rare occasions those are) but for a day to day article of clothing, I stick to my very solid navy cotton or wool sock by Mes Chaussettes Rouges. Those never let me down as they pretty much can go with any outfit. And I mean…any outfit (outside of shorts of course! No Erkel’s here).

For Winter, however, those cotton numbers just do not do the trick and I have to resort to wool only and/or cashmere when I am feeling luxurious. And that brings me to the greatest socks ever made for Winter. And Bresciani does those best IMHO. They have a line that they call their Norwegian socks, of which a few years back I acquired two pairs in navy/white and grey/white. It was classic pattern that we have all seen come this time of year and I thought that they would always stay like that but apparently, they took the design to the next level and Parisian sock atelier Mes Chaussettes Rouges have recently acquired the new offering and put it for sale on their site.

And I like these ones as they mix the Norwegian style with a touch of classic dress sock design too. That makes them a little bit easier to wear in all honesty as the classic design is quite casual, whereas I see these being a tad bit more dressy. Which is great as that also makes them more versatile. But now I have new socks to grab and more money to spend!!

So, the point of the post is that socks are a great stocking stuffer and/or gift all around for the holidays and there is no better place than Mes Chuassettes Rouges to grab a pair or 10. Every time I think that I will never need another pair of socks again (as I have around 100 pairs of them), I see more and more that I like on their very ‘kid in a candy shop’ like store that you could easily spend an hour on looking at all of the numerous variations of amazing socks and accessories that they sell.

Hurry fast as it would appear that they are already selling out of certain sizes in both colorways!


2 thoughts on “The Best Stocking Stuffers”

  1. Mes Chaussettes Rouges really makes amazing socks !
    Too bad this Norwegian style is only offered in mid-calf, as I only wear knee-high socks.

    If you haven’t already, I urge you to try their “super solid” socks : MCR worked hard to incorporate nylon in the socks, so that only cotton/wool is in contact with the skin (so you really feel no difference with regular 100% cotton or wool socks), but the nylon on the outside adds a lot of resistance. When you pay 20-30€ a pair of socks, it’s a delight to know they won’t get a hole in a few months.

    Also, they just acquired a new “circular knitting machine” (sorry, don’t know the english term), which allows them to make MTO/bespoke socks, where the customer can even define the pattern.

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