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There is a new online sock trader here in England, making their mark by specializing in Bresciani socks but with a lot more in the pipeline. With a compelling story behind the making of the brand and the decision to go for it, I thought it would be interesting to test out some socks and share to all of you a new option in town for those that appreciate high quality socks. As I have many socks already in my wardrobe, I decided to try something quite different that really stands apart from the majority of things on offer, that being the Norwegian style wool socks that offer not only comfort during the colder months but a bit of quirky design to really ramp the sartorial execution of ones outfit. So here we go.

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The story, like many others in this industry (menswear), starts off with a normal guy working in a normal industry (tax advisor) but who appreciates good quality clothing yet finds it hard to source exactly what he wants in his local area, namely the UK. Having grown up appreciating the finer things in life, he felt subjected to the lacking English sock industry mainly consisting of calf length options with a blended composition. But what he wanted was what he felt was a proper work socks consisting of 100% cotton and in a knee length option, not only to feel comfortable in his socks but to have a sock that stands the test of time in quality and lifespan. And unfortunately sourcing them in the UK was difficult to say the least. The options were buying online or going to Italy. But like many others that appreciate feeling/experiencing the product before purchasing it, he decided to take a trip to Italy.

J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes

During his honeymoon, he passed by the Bresciani factory outlet shop in the hopes to stock up and thus hold him over until his next trip or rather, a bold online future purchase. Upon speaking with the shop manager, he was inspired by the idea of setting up his own distribution outlet in the UK for those that were like him and wanted something a bit more than your average sock offering in the UK, something knee length and made of a composition consisting of 100% or near enough of just one ingredient (some materials need a blend to make them stay up or not be shapeless). With the idea boiling in his brain, coupled with the fact that he had always wanted to have his own business and turn his passion into a career, he went back to the UK, dropped his life in tax advisory and went head deep into the world of socks. And thus he created The Venetian Sock Trader, where he has started selling just socks but long term plans include many menswear accessories first of which I believe will be scarves.

J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes

The owner was kind enough to treat me to two pairs of the Norwegian style socks as well as one for my lady (the ones in purple) so that I could wear test them. I was grateful too as it has shaped up to be an albeit dry yet chilly winter here in London (mainly due to the humidity and wind factor). So I enjoyed wearing them a few times since receiving them and was pleased that not only did they keep my cold feet nice and toasty but I really loved the subtle quirky style of them and how they could off set a rather conservative look and on top of everything felt really nice on the feet. While they are not your average business dress sock, I can easily recommend the Norwegian sock for those that like a bit of a heavier sock feel and a pattern that is slightly out of the ordinary.

So if you are UK based and too appreciate high quality socks from Italy that are made of high quality make and material then do give a visit to The Venetian Sock Trader and see all that he has to offer in both men and women’s socks!

J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes J.FitzPatrick shoes

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