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Foster & Son boot

Days like today really makes one wish that he had a proper pair of boots that could not only hold up to the weather but also be semi-smart at the same time. While the weather here in London is somewhat mild to the likes of you all in NYC and other snowy places, when you look at the weather forecast and it says heavy rain for at least 24 hours, you start to feel terrified for your own dress shoes. But the problem is that you can’t simply put on a pair of gore-tex boots to be placed underneath your nice suit trousers. So you kind of become stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Back in the States, it would not be a problem, because you simply drive everywhere (with the exception of certain cities like NYC/SF/CHI etc) but here in Europe, if you live/work in or around the center, that means that a good part of your day is going to be on foot and thus subjected to the lovely (obviously sarcastic in this post) weather. That being, smart semi-weatherproof boots such as this one by Foster & Son, allow you to be prepared not only for the weather but also for maintaining a smart look…and what is better than that?!

Foster & Son Winter boots

8 thoughts on “Solid Winter Boot by Foster & Son”

  1. Justin: Loving the boots. I could not agree more with the “winter-boot” write-up. I’ve been in London now for 1 year, but spent most of my life in Montreal. My eternal struggle was choosing the right shoe rubber/golash to wear whilst keeping a respectable look during the winter. Was out all day today in the London rain with my proper dress shoes and what a pounding they took.

    1. Yea glad that i wore some nice grained boots today…they took a good beating too but its good because i like testing my leather!

    1. Sorry did not mean that last one…its how i get the comments up on the blog, by writing approve…adding a “d” puts it here for some reason…but yes even if i lived in the desert i would still love and wear boots!

  2. That’s a terrific boot and a perfect choice for the role you describe. I see a fair bit of winter walking in downtown Toronto and would much rather don a nice boot than cover my shoes in rubber galoshes. My EG Galways really shine in this role.

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