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I love a good A/W stylized photo for shoes, especially a good shot that has leaves†in it just like this one does. It often reminds me of my Autumns in Seattle, which for me is among the most beautiful scenery there is. This shot by Edward green takes me back, way back! But not only that, it is good to see boots in all suede. Suede is so often misconceived to be this delicate material when in fact, I prefer to wear it in rain then nearly all of my other shoes (except black calf).

When suede is of good quality it often handles rain better than leather does as it does not usually leave water stains as easily as calfskin tends to. Especially when getting super soaked (but evenly). I remember once being on a scooter in Paris and getting caught in a hail storm. I was soaked from head to toe and was wearing my Snuff suede chukka boots. After the scooter ride, they were so wet they looked black. Upon drying, a good 20 mins later or so, they dried evenly and looked just as they did before the hail storm. I was super pleased with that and realized that day just how tough good suede can be.

Therefore, don’t sleep on a suede boot for Winter. It just might become your go-to boot!

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