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Aubercy brown cap toe

This is probably the most beautiful simple shoe that I have ever seen. It’s just so elegantly plain, but has all of the little details that make it stand out from all of the other plain cap toe oxfords (those being shape, toe, construction, color etc.). And that is one thing that I love about Aubercy: their ability to make boring shoes look amazing! The pair that I have from them is a very simple black whole-cut oxford, but just has these subtle details that separate them from the rest, not to mention the amazing comfort that they provide me. And I cherish them for that simple, understated elegance. It therefore kills me to know that they (Aubercy) are so off the global radar of shoe aficionados and thus from the attention that they truly deserve as brilliant shoemakers. I personally rate them as one of the best shoe brands out there. Without a doubt they are the best blake stitched shoes, ever! Hopefully one day they will achieve the glory that they deserve as I would be very happy to see more men out there with beautifully elegant models such as this!

6 thoughts on “Simple Elegance by Aubercy”

    1. yea, I just noticed that myself. They do GY welted as well, but from what I gathered when I was there (not to mention my own pair) they are mainly very high end, hand lasted, and hand waisted blake stitched shoes…… Unless things have changed in the last year that I have been there…sent an email to the owner to see….still awaiting a response

  1. TenleytownDC – here – closed my google+ account (privacy settings would seem to be optional for Google) so henceforth aka my home town)

    It has been a while since I’ve felt sufficiently impressed to make a comment – More to the credit of the quality you post then the rarity of great shoes. This is absolutely exquisite. If the colour reflects the tone these are a must have. Finally a rich brown that would work for green and a dressier navy. Perhaps insufficiently red for a grey but would definitely give it a try. I agree that the lines carry their own elegance and sophistication – hard to find in that colour range.

    Thanks for yet another to add to the to get list.

    PS. The stefano’s have received rave reviews.

    1. they are indeed a work of art, as as many of Aubercy’s shoes. That’s what kills me about their lack of fame. Their shoes, for me, sit right next to G&G as the best…… Glad that the Stefano’s are working well for you my friend!!! Thanks again for the support and as always, for reading and commenting on the blog…

  2. The “standard” contruction of the ready-to-wear collection, but
    Aubercy also offer Goodyear construction on request on the Mesure line.
    It’s important to notice that the “Goodyear” term is a bit
    inappropriate, because the welt-stitch is made by hand (and the sole
    stitch can also be made by hand on request).This totally hand-stitched construction is quite unique in France, except by few bespoke shoe-makers.

    Clément, from

    1. yes of course, I wrote about all of this the first time that I went to visit the shop…but indeed what they offer is unique and exquisite beautiful in terms of construction, shape, design etc…. thanks for sharing Clement!

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