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The Shortwing Wingtip
Corthay, picture courtesy of Leffot

I am all for tradition and not necessarily breaking the mold (altogether), but every now and then it’s nice to bend the rules a bit and do things slightly differently. This full brogue Corthay model, called Vendome, does just that by not only creating the pattern with lines that are far more curvaceous than normal, but more so by using a very small wing cap as opposed to the traditional one that is much larger. It puts a whole new aesthetic to the shoe and creates something much more modern looking (and appealing IMHO). I have always admired this model (and Corthay’s whole design ethos for that matter) and love to see designs that push the boundaries without completely breaking them. Keep it up Corthay!

The Shortwing Wingtip

1 thought on “The Shortwing Wingtip”

  1. I wasn’t familiar with Corthay; thanks for sharing. I like the shorter wing, too – the proportions are very graceful. I frequently find a longer wing a bit too busy. Hope you’re liking your new digs!

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