As painful as it is for some, sadly enough Summer is coming to an end. And while it might not feel like it, those massive drops in temperature are right around the corner. I, on the other hand, have had enough of Summer (especially the humidity) and am ready to welcome the Autumn season with my arms open and my jackets on them! I love boots and I love layering. My second sickness behind shoes/boots are overcoats and I feel sad to look at them for 6 months without being able to break them out and accessorize with one of my many beautiful scarfs. But these days are coming soon and I couldn’t be happier!

On this note of boots, I feel like the apron boot is coming upon us. The apron shoe made a huge craze in the shoe industry in last years but the apron boot model never quite caught on. But I feel that it is going to start. A boot by nature is a casual model of shoe and the apron style pairs well with the more smart casual look, particularly with jeans. Seems John Lobb thinks so and I know a few other makers showing this style more and more. Lets see if my predictions come true!

Photo courtesy of Ascot Shoes. Boots by John Lobb

3 thoughts on “Boot Season is Upon Us! — John Lobb Apron Stunners”

  1. Would you consider the Alden Indy and/or the tanker boots to be apron boots? Granted, they are not refined. They’ve always been popular.

    1. yes I count them too, I just don’t see them on this same level of dress apron boot. For me, those cannot be worn in any sort of dress manner as say these Lobbs above could

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