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Dear Readers,

Yet again, it is a day that not only am I swamped under with 10 trillion things to do, but I am also quite emotional (mainly frustrated), and therefore, can’t get my head on straight to be witty for all of you. I do apologize and hope these pictures of Bestetti’s new masterpiece can make up for my lack of attention to the blog and all of you. I do promise to catch up on comments and emails, so please bare with me.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and will see you back on Monday for another long post!


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

5 thoughts on “Shoes Of The Week – A Bestetti Masterpiece!”

  1. That is some awesome Norvegese stitching, and I love the prominent stitching on the apron.

    Maybe the last shape seems a bit incongruously delicate for this construction, and I’m not sure about 180 degree Norvegese into that dainty little beveled waist.

    But then I’m not Mr Bestetti. And whether it’s your taste or not, this is one awesomely-made shoe that is going to get noticed!

    Hope you feel more cheerful soon!

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