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Septieme Largeur has officially launched their A/W 21 collection and there are lots of cool things to choose from with many models quite unique and unlike anything else others are offering. So let’s take a look at them and see which ones we like best.

As is evident from the photos, the commando theme carries on this A/W for SL affixing the practical rubber sole on the majority of their Winter models. A friend of mine told me just today that right now it is as cold in Paris as it is in NYC and it is freezing here in the Big Apple. So as an urban jungle-type city, like NYC, riddled with pavement yet with far more cobblestones than us over here, the sole is very befitting to the environment that Paris offers. Which will then make sense why they added commando soles to models you often do not see them paired with, such as the penny loafer and this modified boat shoe.


On top of the weather, this shift into less suiting and more smart-casual style work environment, the commando and/or heavy Dainite look is more appropriate when rocking jeans, a sweater, and a Barbour jacket than a single leather sole is. And if you know anything about Paris, you will know that it is a moped city (or at least was prior to the Pandemic) and when riding moped/motorcycles, proper sole choice is important. So, while the prevalence of commando soles on classic welted shoes really just came out of nowhere in the last year or two, after having worn a lot myself lately, I am also starting to really see the practicality of them for people that do a lot of year-round city-walking.

Now let’s talk about the models. It is quite a substantial new collection with I believe some things recycled from last year. But as 2020 was a strange one for many of us in the industry, it makes sense to loop them together as we all get back onto our feet. But of what is new-new, I really am digging the green suede monkstrap boots and believe it or not, the suede penny loafers.

Normally I am not a fan of the classic moc-style round-toed penny loafer. That classic prep-boy look never did it for me. But as a jean-head adding that commando sole and making it in suede seems like the ideal blend for a winter-style loafer for someone who loves loafers. And the beauty of the suede version is that suede will naturally stretch a bit and allow a slightly thicker sock which will naturally be needed in the colder winter days. Lastly, I love the triple buckle boot. In both colors on offer. The suede is a beauty but the grain is particularly badass. It has that elegant roughness going on and think that this will be a popular one for them.

There is a lot more on offer and with prices starting at €275 for solid welted footwear, Septieme Largeur can be hard to beat. And that is with VAT so if you are outside of the EU, you can take the VAT off and that comes to €230 which is a good shout for a great piece of footwear!

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