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As I get older, I start to like more and more crocodile/alligator†products but still mainly limited to loafers and small details. What I am not crazy about is the overbearingness that exotic leather can sometimes give when it is say a wholecut oxford and doesn’t have any lines to break it up. That is why I like it in penny loafers and also why I tend to like it when it has a patina to it, such as this lovely example here by Septieme Largeur. When seams/pattern pieces break up the croc pattern of the skin, I tend to find it far more tolerable than just a whole skin of it unbroken. Also I find it far more pleasing to the eye, when darker lines are added to the edging of the pieces or when each line of the croc pattern has a different tone to it which for me, while adding something more noticeable, also tones it down at the same time. it is hard to explain but I feel like the loafer in this pic would be more loud if it didn’t have the dark patina added to it. So pairing those things together i.e. pattern with multiple pieces + patina, makes for a great piece of exotic footwear!

Find this model in Septieme Largeur’s†MTO offering. You might have to contact them for this as opposed to direct buy off of the website


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