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Septieme Largeur’s new SS2021 collection has recently dropped and although quite small there are some very unique and intriguing shoes in this capsule collection. So let’s take a look and if you read until the end, you will find an exclusive opportunity/gift for Shoe Snob readers.

As you might have seen last Winter, Commando soles became all of the rage and most brands had them incorporated into their Autumn collections. SL took that further with a blended Spring feel/Winter robust shoe, highlighted here and known as their ‘Gatsby’ model. And apparently, it is been one of their most successful items of the season, which for me is very intriguing as I would have never guessed that to be honest. It is interesting for me to understand the likes of the shoe consumers and to see how trends/ideas evolve and create new ‘classics’ over time. Such as the adelaide oxford replacing the cap toe oxford as the go-to shoe model for business-dress and/or the recent prevalence of butterfly loafers in the industry. Would be curious to know all of your thoughts on the model.

But what intrigued me most, were the two new deerskin models in the collection, which are the white sneakers and the brown leather penny loafers. For those of you that have felt deerskin, you will understand why this is intriguing. It just might be the softest leather out there, normally found on high-end house slippers. And it is not often that you find this on a welted shoe. The sneakers make more sense as a casual model, but the penny loafer is more interesting as that has a dress style incorporated with a casual idea of ultimate softness and comfort. I can only imagine? But I will soon find out what it at least feels like in the sneakers, as I have a pair of those coming and will soon be unboxing them so do stay tuned there.

The rest of the collection has a very Summer-y feeling, from snuff-like suedes to unlined loafers and their new chukka sneakers. While quite standard to the dress shoe community, I really like the tassel loafer in suede with the leather trim/tassel. That is a simple way to make a common shoe unique and the colors are very easy to incorporate into most summer-style outfits. A real no-brainer shoe that I feel will do well for them. I know that it would be the one that I would easily gravitate towards.

While small and concise, there are some cool models here that I feel will do well for SL this season. For those of you that might find yourself gravitating to a pair (or two), you can find an exclusive discount code for a complimentary shine brush. You must purchase a shoe for it to work. The code is: THESHOESNOB21

And remember, all prices shown have VAT. If you live outside of the EU, the prices will be less. For example, the sneakers, priced at €195, will actually be €162.50. That little saving goes a long way 🙂

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