Septieme Largeur Patina Driving Loafers

Septieme Largeur Patina Driving Loafers
While not being the originators of patina, for me Septieme Largeur are the ones keeping it relevant by always doing new things with it from giving patina to Ready to Wear shoes and allowing people to buy it online, from applying to leather accessories and now driving loafers. They have come a long way from a small online shop too as they have just opened up their 3rd shop in Paris and it is all very commendable, especially as I have been watching their growth since day one. I am proud of them for going this far and for staying relevant as so many brands, start then sell for a while and then fizzle away. But not SL, with new things on the go and shops and franchises opening up worldwide, I am curious to know where they will be in 5 years time. Who knows, maybe a shop on 5th Ave NYC???

New drivings with patina included are €175.

Septieme Largeur Patina Driving Loafers Septieme Largeur Patina Driving Loafers

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  1. I was very happy to see these blue loafers that are a bit more dark at the edges. Because I have decided to dye a pair of very boaring black Florsheim Loafers I have once bought because they were not expensive. It took me month to dye them, but I am fond of the result. SO, your picture shows me: I have not only made a boaring pair more interesting, but I am also up to date with it! Thank you as usual!
    Your admirer

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