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Septieme Largeur has made a very congruent collection this year. A common theme can be easily seen: ‘it’s all about the soles.’ From commando soles to double-dainite with storm-welts, this collection was clearly made for durability and the withstanding of the elements. It is a theme that apparently the whole industry felt in tune with this year, the year we will all never forget. And it makes sense. A hard year needs hard-wearing shoes. And Septieme Largeur has certainly brought those to you.

For those that missed my unboxing video on their Moissac Commando, please see that here to get a bit of background.

Another theme shown is the very Autumnal coloring of the leathers they chose. From light tan’s to dark brown with all of the various shades of autumnal tones between, it was also refreshing to see a minimal amount of black, which is all but too easy to include in any Winter collection. My favorite shade of the bunch is reddish-brown (Cognac, as they call it) pebble grain leather that is featured on their elegant handsewn derby shoe. A beautiful color, very fit for the Autumn/Winter months, from falling leaves to rainy days in Paris, I can see this model being a big winner for their customer base. And why not? It’s a beautiful shoe to say the least!

The blending of heavy soles with dress models has been quite intriguing, to say the least. One might not have ever thought to pair a triple buckle strap boot with a commando sole. But it works. Very Rock n’ Roll chic. They paired it perfectly in the photo too as I could see someone who rides a motorcycle, wanting to dress smart, wearing a pair of those as the buckles and sole, for me, are very befitting to that look, to that idea of ‘dress.’ And it is a simple idea too. Nothing out of the ordinary, but daringly done to create something unique, something different.

I dare say that this is one of their best collections yet. A bit of conservatism mixed with French flair and style, it blends well, providing most with an option to enjoy. Failing all else, you simply cannot go wrong with a solid pair of Chelsea boots and the chocolate brown version is lovely, to say the least. Not to mention the double monkstraps, which are always an easy option that we all need in our collection.

With prices on this collection starting at ?275 (ex VAT ?230 circa $280) it offers some amazing value for money on a solid welted collection using France’s top tanneries. And while things in Paris might be a bit complicated they are still open and shipping worldwide, so do not hesitate to treat yourself to a pair or two!

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