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Septieme Largeur have been hitting the design books for creating something truly unique this A/W, which comes as no surprise. Here you have three boots done differently, not drastically different, but different. While the double buckle monk lace boot is a bit much for my taste, I quite like the other two, particularly the double buckle short boot in suede and the derby boot in leather. I could see both of them getting used a lot underneath my denim, which I am far more prone to wearing come A/W as not to ruin my nice flannels during those wet days, such as today. It would appear that SL agree with that sentiment too as both of those models in the hero shots are paired with jeans. But that is not to say that I wouldn’t wear the suede boot above with a nice flannel suit, just to be different….because after all following the classic rules is so boring!

septieme-largeur-winter-collection septieme-largeur-winter-collection1 septieme-largeur-winter-collection2

baptiste-slim-gomme-graine-marron-forme-229 gatsby-boots-slim-gomme-choco-forme-198 gatsby-boots-slim-gomme-vv-tabac-forme-198 rennan-boots-box-noir-forme-229 rennan-boots-chocolat-forme-229

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