Septieme Largeur - Gedeon

The shoe-boot model is an acquired taste. You either love it or hate it. It is quite typically French in style and is often seen being attempted by French shoemakers. Here, Septieme Largeur, gives the idea a run for its money and I must say that this might be the best one that I have ever seen, simply for it’s simplistic nature and lack of seams/stitching. All too often it is attempted and the end result doesn’t flow in my eyes. But this one does for some reason. And while many not used to the idea of this model and therefore might not like it, think for a moment about its use in practical form. Some people need the look of a shoe (for work), but prefer the feel of a boot, i.e. something that supports them in the ankle/lower calf region. Or, you might want a shoe look but need the boot feel for winter when it is cold and want more protection. Therefore this model albeit foreign to most consumer markets actually has its practical functions.

While not on the site of SL yet, you can email them to place your order

Septieme Largeur - Gedeon Septieme Largeur - Gedeon


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