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Since it is a DEDICATED TO SHOES blog I am mostly going to accent that, but what I thought could be potentially interesting for the reader is a little dash of style and by style I mean outfits that people accompany their dress shoes with. I admit it is a little different from our usual direction, but hey! The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

And so the adventure begins…..

To kick it off I have decided to discuss a few of the many shops on Savile Row, what shoes people that work there wear and how they sometimes incorporate their outfits around their pride and joy, you guessed it SHOES. It will mostly be in pictures of course.

We are going to kick it off with a shop called Drake’s, that isn’t precisely on Savile Row but is considered a big part of the trade. They are aBritish men’s haberdasher that produces menswear and accessories and are very famous for their ties (as many of you will know).

So what shoes do guys that work there wear? I went to their shop to find out and that is what I came up with.

Aidan Keen – Store Manager


aiden shoes

The shoes he is wearing are by Meermin Brown Suede Derby Brogue. The second picture depicts the colour a lot better. It was very sunny in London that day. He says he has wide feet and needs to choose his shoe brands accordingly, as not everyone offers a wide fit. You can also see how well a brown suede shoe goes with the jeans and still puts a SMART in your casual. Which, I know Justin said many times before.


Mick Dreher – Merchandising Manager


mic shoes

Mick is wearing suede derby brogues by Alden, in their Snuff Suede colour. He says he really loves American Style longwings. And the reason he goes for that brand is because they are chunky and less refined, which in his eyes is an easy shoe to dress down, so it’s really good for multiple occasions.

Edward Reubin – Sales Associate



Now last but not least, Ed is wearing Dark Brown Suede Alden tassel loafers. He says the preference for this brand is because he is enthusiastic on good quality and they are well-made shoes. He also mentioned that he tends to pick a pair of shoes to go with the trousers he is wearing.


Then after all the pictures came the time for a couple of questions, and I guess it is safe to say that they all agreed that the style of the their shoes is as much important as the comfort. Quality is a must, and even though neither of them dressed around their shoes today but instead picked their outfit first, they also agreed that the weather can play a massive aspect in that choice. Say when it is raining, you have to pick your shoes first. As loafers or anything suede won’t go (Justin doesn’t agree with this though).

I hope this post is interesting enough for you guys and there is definitely more to come. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite outfit, if you have one of course.


Stacey, a Shoe Snobette!

4 thoughts on “Savile Row Style Part 1 – Drakes”

  1. I think this is a very good idea of a post! Definitely!
    Apart from that, it really attracts my atention the fact that all of them are wearing suede. Curious indeed.

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