On our Savile Row Style Part 2 I am going to introduce to you STOWERS BESPOKE.

Stowers is a part of the so called “new generation” of bespoke tailors that has made an appearance on Savile Row, as the company was only established in 2006. Although the founder had previously worked in Gieves and Hawkes for 25 years (where he was also head of bespoke for some time). Their offering includes an elegant line of ready to wear suits, a made to measure offering that are hand-finished in England, and naturally their Bespoke department (where Justin has a few of his suits made, by one of the cutters there). You can find their shop on 13 Savile Row, W1S 3NE and they also recently started displaying some of our shoes a compliment to their offering for any customers interested.

When I came in to take pictures and ask a couple of questions, they were quite caught of guard. The reason I am mentioning this, is because I want to assure you those pictures were in no way staged, but most of the guys were sporting our pride and joy, J.FitzPatrick Footwear. And we are flattered of course. You got to represent!

I was lucky enough to catch Mr. Ray Stowers himself, who is a founder of the company. And he was rocking our Madison in Black Calf. When asked about what he plans his outfits around whether being his suits or his shoes, his answer was…….. socks (Justin laughing at this). He said he picks his socks first, then shoes and then a suit he wants to wear. A rather interesting and unique choice if you ask me.





Mr. Lee Webb – Head Cutter (below – who Justin gets many of his suits made by)


J.Fitzpatrick ‘Tacoma MTO’ being worn – Cedar Calf and Snuff Suede

Lee says he wears J.FitzPatrick shoes because they are the most comfortable shoes he has ever worn. He said he did try out other brands but†to no avail. Style of shoes for him is necessary, but comfort is by far the most important as he stands on his feet for the entire day. And this brand of shoes combines the two perfectly according to Mr Webb.

Mr. Faiyaz Amlani – Bespoke Tailoring Consultant



J.FitzPatrick ‘Madison’ in Forest Green Suede


Faiyaz bought this pair of shoes for travelling to Monaco, but as you can see you can sport those Forest Green Suede “Madison” shoes even in rainy ‘ol England.’ Lots of advertising here. Haha. He said he likes that J.FitzPatrick Footwear combine not only quality and comfort, but they are stylish and quite sleek in their look, which is what he prefers in his shoes. He does wear other brands too, such as Meermin.


Mr. Shaun Brennan – Undercutter



Shaun wasn’t wear our brand of shoes, although he does actually have a pair (of our Wallingfords) and always chooses his suit first and tries to coordinate his shoes accordingly. He is wearing Loake shoes, which are one of the more affordable British brands of upper-calibre shoes, good for those entering the goodyear welted market and the stepping into quality footwear.

I think that should do it for today. I hope you enjoyed this one as much as the last about Drake’s, if you enjoyed them at all. But honestly I hope you did!

Don’t forget to comment, we appreciate your opinions. And let us know which of the Savile Row shops you want to be featured here.

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  1. This series about Savile Row Style is only getting better and better!
    It is very interesting (as you would expect) to see comfort is very important for these people. Imhear them…

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