Santoni’s Sneaker Monks in Black Suede

Santoni's Sneaker Monks in Black Suede

I like monkstraps as dress shoes, but after seeing this sneaker variation by Santoni, I am questioning if I actually like them better as a plim sole smart shoe. When I saw these Santoni’s I was blown away. Everything about them, for me, was perfect. I love black suede. I love the leather piping instead of stitching on the apron. I love that they are all black, suede and sole. And I love that they look fricking amazing as a casual style shoe that I could wear all day with my jeans.

While I don’t often write about Santoni, I have always been a bit fan and that is not because of what they often sell but of the reality of what they can do. They are phenomenal shoemakers and I have seen it first hand when I visited their factory. There is nothing that they cannot make. And they continue to impress me as the enter new realms of shoemaking with these plim sole stunners!

And while I will openly say that I don’t ever buy shoes, I am considering finding these for purchase!

For those of you lucky enough to be size EU42 or Eu45.5, you can find them at this LINK


Santoni's Sneaker Monks in Black Suede


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