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The double monk came on the scene a few years back and hit it hard in popularity. The problem is that everyone did the same model and every brand’s version looked nearly identical. It was actually kind of funny how almost no one thought to do it differently until in reality, the popularity of the double monk fell off a bit. Now it is just a classic model that you either buy because you like or don’t. But it is no longer the ‘in’ shoe like the split toe derby. So you are seeing makers have an attempt and making the double monk differently and Bestetti has done something quite unique to the rest of the ‘different’ double monks. This of course, will be one of those things that you either love or hate, as it has that differentiation about it that is not for the weak. Its strap is bold, boldly†thin to be precise. But unique nonetheless and something that I appreciate it as it represents that idea that a brand used their brain to create something new instead of just copy another maker’s design. Well done Bestetti for being different!

2 thoughts on “Bestetti Double Monk Done Differently”

  1. Hey Justin, just a little typo there with the “[its] strap”. Also, is there a post-super trunk show post coming up?


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