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I am not 100% positive in saying this, but I am quite sure that I prior to moving to Europe to study shoemaking, I never ever saw anyone wear red trousers. But over here in Europe, they are literally a staple piece in most stylish mens’ wardrobe, which I think is quite great! I feel like many men in the States (or maybe just Seattle, where I am from) are mentally confined to simply wearing either navy, gray or khaki colored trousers. Yet over here, come Spring, you see everything but those, ranging from canary yellow, to baby blue to bright green. Obviously not everyone partakes in the colored trouser activity, but it is quite appealing to see just how elaborate people’s outfits can become when they do give it a shot. While I can’t say that I own any of those other colors that I just listed, I do find myself gravitating towards my reds quite often. And the nice thing about them (at least the color) is that they are not simply for spring occasions, being that they are a deeper red, which allows me to also put them on in the fall/winter. So, if you don’t own a pair, I suggest you reconsider….it will liven up your wardrobe!

Shoes: Septieme Largeur (with custom blue patina)
Trousers: Zara
Jacket: Pete Werth
Jumper: Intimissimi
Shirt: Primark
Bow Tie: Gieves & Hawkes

9 thoughts on “Red Trousers….Get Some!”

  1. Justin they are a staple in the U.S. inspired by “Nantucket reds” sold at Murray’s toggery shop. It is a canvas faded to pink. All others, there are many, are take off from this. I have one pair from Bills Khakis that is more of a brick red and one pair from l.l. bean that is more the color of the nantucket reds. Unforunately in Oklahoma only the more traveled or wealthy new what I was wearing. Here in Dallas some know and some don’t. In the early 80’s there were deep red corduroys in this part of the world as that is when Ralph Lauren was doing Tweeds in purples and other bright colors and it was present here.

  2. Justin,I admire your flamboyant taste…….I suggest you get a pair of corduroys in violet…….thanks for posting my friend………

  3. Alboo – Thanks for all of that info… that makes sense in a way…much more of a preppy thing in the States…not so much on the West Coast though do you see this…but as the East Coast is much more European influenced, this makes sense.

    Anon – Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate that!

    Gentleman90 – I would love some in a deep purple…but not quire sure about a violet…thanks for the kind words nonetheless!


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