Septieme Largeur Saddle Shoe Patina

Septieme Largeur Saddle Shoe Patina

Some of you might remember that I was just in Paris for a quick business trip/tourist trap visit and of course, as always, I happened to pass by Septieme Largeur (who is on the way to the center from the station that the London train goes into, therefore no reason not ever to stop by!). Anyway, while there they were just finishing up this beautiful saddle shoe with a scotch grain saddle that they gave a marvelous blue patina to. Needless to say I was blown away by it’s beauty and think that it just might be the best patina that I have ever seen them do. Kudos to the person that commissioned it. And for those that like the little details, such as myself, you will notice that they made the tongue burgundy, which they have recently coined as their signature color. Insane greatness as usual and it only makes me jealous (as usual) that I don’t have it!

Septieme Largeur Saddle Shoe Patina Septieme Largeur Saddle Shoe Patina

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