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For those that don’t know, J.M. Weston is French. I feel that I must state this, as I, like many people at one point have thought that due to their Anglo-Saxon sounding name, they were British. But is not the case. That being, they are actually in reality, one of the strongest (if not the strongest) and oldest names in French footwear. Their classic penny loafer has been reinvented 10 million ways by 10 million different companies, yet no one can do it quite like Weston! Name lesson’s aside, J.M. Weston, who once adorned the side of Burlington Gardens, has taken up a new residence on 60 Jermyn St., now being in their rightful place along side all of the other shoemakers of London! I must say that it was a smart choice of relocation, not only so that they could be next to all of their direct competitors, but also because if I must be honest, this shop is a million times better than the old one, not only for size, but for lighting, decor and the feeling that says, “please, come in.”

Nevertheless, I paid a visit last week in order to take some pictures to show all of you. So that being, please enjoy and stayed tuned for next week as I start to divulge the beauty that I discovered in Paris!!

Have a lovely weekend to all,

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Their new amazing monk strap — love the design!!

One of my all time favorite penny loafers — the short wing cap is striking!

The shape of this boot is phenomenal

The lovely ladies that work there….they are very nice

The famous Weston loafer — timeless….and great for casual wear

The VIP room, where special orders and exotic leather shoe purchases take place

Triple sole action anyone?

4 thoughts on “J.M. Weston’s New Shop On Jermyn St.”

  1. MR.Ballo from Ivory Coast. I have been wearing J.M. Weston since I was 18 years, from Paris. J.M. Weston teaches human beings to walk healthy,safely, and happy. It’ s been famous for a while. I have 26 pairs of shoes from J.M. Weston. Brought me first pair in 1978, from Paris by Champ Elyser,Roussel and 68th Street and Madison Avenue. I’ve also shared some of J.M. Weston shoes to many friends. My last pair of J.M. Weston shoes brought in Paris 2 years ago, it was Derby Tout Terrain.

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