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The thing about Xavier was that he was probably the most passionate person I have ever met. We talked for over an hour and a half and it was so clear that his shoes and the quality of them was the most important thing in the world to him. Money, mass distribution, online sales etc….none of this stuff mattered, only making the shoes to the best possible standard that he could. This was so admirable to me and it was evident that this ideology showed in his product. And it is this thought is that makes Aubercy shoes so unique and exclusive. You can only find them in 3 places in the world, and even still, the offering outside of the Paris shop is tiny. The only downside to this is that it makes it hard for someone who may really want a pair be able to get one. It’s one thing paying 850 Euros for a pair (RTW), but it’s a whole other to have to fly to Paris to do so. But this is the trade off, I guess, to ensure that quality control, not only in materials, construction etc., but in people selling his product to the public, is always kept to the highest standards.

Pictures Above: Old Bespoke Models

As you you can see above, Aubercy used to make bespoke footwear, and still would love to, but unfortunately no longer have a maker to actually do so. This is quite unfortunate as the creations that they did make are quite lovely! If you happen to be a proficient bespoke maker, looking for work and able to move to Paris, this could be your opportunity??? Anyway, it was truly a pleasure to finally see the Aubercy shop and to meet all of the people that make the company great. I just hope that one day, they will be selling in more places so that their beautiful, well made shoes can be appreciated by more people around the world. And if there are any of you out there that have done the John Lobb’s, the Edward Green’s and all of the other famous makers, I suggest that should you ever want to branch out, you look to Aubercy, as you won’t be disappointed! If anything you will become addicted…..

Stay tuned tomorrow as I wrap up the Aubercy story…..

3 thoughts on “My Trip To Aubercy Part 2: Bespoke/More MTO”

  1. Now we’re cooking! I love their wholecuts, and that adelaide with the stingray facing is, literally, the single most inspirational shoe I have ever seen. A tan version with a light green face has been decorating my wish list for ages.

    It’s sad that they don’t do bespoke, but in a way that makes it all the more amazing: these incredible things they make are actual ready-to-wear stuff that they’re bold enough to just sell off the shelf.

    I love these people.

  2. I am interested in

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