courtesy of meusmanifesto (on wordpress) John Lobb bepsoke
I have always liked John Lobb Paris, but if I am going to be really really honest, none of their shoes have ever really WOWED me. They make a beautifully well made shoes, and of course the museum calf selection is lovely, but as far as shoes that truly stand out from the rest, I think that they just have a derby model that is probably my favorite among all derbies. Otherwise at that pricepoint, I would probably look elsewhere.

Now, their bespoke program (not John Lobb London – but John Lobb Paris, made in Paris) is a whole other ball game. I have see a few in my time and of course the making was flawless. But even better than the making is the design and this model above just goes to show that. The lines are so perfect that it’s amazing. The stitching that makes up the swan neck, hitting the top of the facing is just lovely. And while it might look quite plain to you, what you may not see is the how subtly they curved that line, creating a detail that is minute in execution but quite grand when it comes to the end product and how that product sits on the last.

It’s not often that I see a John Lobb bespoke, but I am always impressed when I do!


3 thoughts on “John Lobb Paris Bespoke – A Cut Above”

  1. Hi Justin,
    What is the difference/connection with John Lobb of St James’s and John Lobb Paris? I haven’t seen much written about John Lobb of St James’ s.

    1. John Lobb London (bespoke only) leased their name to Hermes back in the 70’s so that Hermes could start a factory and create RTW shoes. They are completely separate brands with very different looks and level of quality/standards…. JL of St. James is not often written about as they really don’t do much wowing if you know what I mean…

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